Banana Plants

banana plants tissue culture
  • The G9 banana plants height is 6 to 6.5 Feet.
  • Banana bunches can be harvested within eleven months
  •  Each grand nine Banana bunch will be having 10 to 14 hands with 210 to 240 numbers of fruits.
  • Total Weight of the Banana is 40 – 50 kg with drip irrigation has been recorded in many states.
  • It is recommended to plant 1400 plants/acre with a spacing of 5 x 6 ft.
  • Tissue culture banana plantlets are disease free at the time of planting and the same conditions can be maintained by proper crop management.
  • Tissue culture vigor in the plantlets manifests better growth and performance in the field.
  • The availability of tissue culture plantlets is not constrained by seasonal variation.
  •  Uniform  maturity  for  the  harvest  of  the  fruits