Yash Nursery

  •  The Yash Nursery founded by Nitin Patil In 2010 with the aim of supply papaya plants and seedling plants to the farmers.
  • Helping farmers to take up Organic farming which reduces their cost of production, gets them better yield and higher returns
  • stands apart from the competition is our customer dedication, quality of service and promptness of response.
  • We produce and supply the highest quality plants for cost-effective prices.
  • Our experienced staff specializes in assembling whole-plant growth technologies in order to grow them healthy.
  • Importantly, we offer step by step guide to our customers for the successful cultivation of plants.


  • To become one of the renowned and best one-stop-shop for farmers.
  •  Providing services professionally. 
  •  To enhance the ambiance for better productivity.
  •  To be part of the solution for farmers and plants.
  •  To be dedicated to nature and farmers.

How we can Help Farmers

    At Yash Nursery, our foremost aim is to help farmers produce better quality crops. We do that with the help of plug production techniques in a highly sophisticated greenhouse. The plug is seedling produced in small volumes of growth media that are contained in tiny cells.

    Four stages of seedling development make up plug growth—the emergence of the radicle, spreading of the cotyledon, unfolding of three or four leaves and finally, a finished plug with more than four expanded leaves.

    If done correctly, these plug trays can have exceptionally uniform seedlings ready for transplanting. And at Yash Nursery, we strive to ensure that each one of our seedlings is raised to precise specifications.